Application opens January 4 and closes when all positions are filled


​COVID – TEXAS is optimistic that conditions will improve with the rapid deployment of the various Coronavirus Vaccines across the country. But we are also cognizant of the fact that it is still too early to tell what that impact will look like and how that might affect attendance restrictions by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Governor’s Office later in May and June. As a result, it should be clear that we will not issue contracts until sometime after April 1st unless indicators become more clear before then. But we feel by then we should know more about what restrictions we will be required to work under. As we get more information, we will post updates on our website and social media platforms.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the musical this summer. All on stage positions are filled. We are currently seeking backstage and front of house help. 


All applicants, including previously employed, will need to fill out an online audition/application form by clicking on the proper link below. If you would like to be considered for positions in more than one department (i.e. Front of House and Performer), please complete the online application for each department. There will be no group or open call auditions for performers. Follow-up virtual auditions and/or interviews may be necessary for any applicant and if so, will be contacted either by email or cell that is provided on your on-line form to schedule a video conference.

PERFORMERS: Your video submission should include the following criteria and if auditioning for more than one discipline (i.e. Actor and Dancer), please make sure they are all combined into a single video so that your submission is viewable from a single URL

ACTORS (Adult)- Actors should prepare one classical and one contemporary monologue not to exceed 60 seconds per monologue. There may be a follow-up audition that will require a cold reading from the script. Materials will be sent electronically. If you sing, please submit the requirements listed below for singers. Singing is a plus. Submission must also include a movement combination or solo/ensemble performance footage demonstrating your dance technique or movement ability.

SINGERS - Submission should include 16-32 bars each of one legit piece (classical art song/aria or classic music theatre) and one music theatre piece from any style period. Submission must also include a movement combination or solo/ensemble performance footage demonstrating your dance technique or movement ability.


DANCERS- Performance or studio footage are both acceptable that demonstrate your technical training or aptitude by displaying one-minute straightforward center work and second minute displaying your best personal style. Videos may include either technique exercises, progressions, combinations, routines or performance in various ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, and tap. If you are presenting ensemble work, please indicate or highlight on the video which dancer is you, making yourself easily identifiable to our team. Examples of partnering/lifts or any other specialty acts are also encouraged but not required.


INSTRUMENTALISTS - Submission should include demonstration of facility on the instrument. Must be able to read music. Violin: Classical submission of 1-2 minutes. Fiddling demo, if available. Double bass: Classical submission of 1-2 minutes. Piano: Classical submission of 1 minute. Hymn or open score demo of 1 minute. Guitar: 1 minute demo of facility on strumming chords. Classical demo, if available.

ACTORS (Child Performers) -Child actors will need to fill out the online application and select Child Performer. When Child Performer is selected it will ask for Guardian Information. Performers may submit a video audition that demonstrates their ability to perform in all disciplines that they are comfortable with. Child Performers are required to have a guardian with them each night they are scheduled to perform.



PRODUCTION CREW - Submit a resume via the online application form. Include a small headshot somewhere in the header of your resume. The resume should also include three references. You may also include a cover letter. The online application will allow you to provide links to either an online portfolio or website as well. Interviews will be scheduled within two weeks of receiving your resume. Positions Available are: Stage Manager, (2) Assistant Stage Managers, Technical Director, Assistant Technical Director, Audio Engineer, Master Electrician, Wardrobe/Costume Lead, (3) Wardrobe/Costume Technician, (8) General Technician, Lead Wrangler, (6)Wrangler. All Production Crew who do not have already have an OSHO-10 Certification or higher, will be provided this training and certification. Additional fire, pyrotechnics and other safety training will be provided as well. Those interested Pre-Production work that starts in Mid-March and may indicate your interest on the application or during the interview when scheduled.


HOSPITALITY/STAFF/TOUR GUIDES- Staff includes the following positions at the Pioneer Amphitheatre in Palo Dulo Canyon - Box Office, Front of House, Tour Guide/Front of House, Gift Shop and Parking Lot.  Performers wishing to be considered for staff will need to do both performing and staff application. The main office in downtown Canyon, will be hiring for Box Office/Group Sales Associates.  Applicants must be 18 years of age and available to work the entire season.  Great customer service is imperative for all positions. 



What to Know Before You Submit

• You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to fill out an audition form (with exception of Child Performers).

• Actors and Singers must be strong movers as all are required to dance in our production.

• Performer contracts for the TEXAS Musical will begin May 9, 2021 and will end on August 14, 2021 after strike. All positions are paid and are announced at the time of hiring. Working days and hours are 7 days a week during rehearsal process and 6 days a week performing one show nightly during run of production. Daily work hours depend on show assignments. o Pre and Post Season Options Available

• Please be advised that dates are posted at the beginning of the season and cannot be altered for individual convenience such as days off for weddings, family events, graduations etc…

• Performing FOR 60,000 – 75,000 PEOPLE ANNUALLY

• Cast of 60 – 19 Technicians

• Free classes and training available

  • Master classes (Networking, Automation, IP Audio Distribution)

  • Daily dance classes (Schedules Vary)

  • Horse Riding o OSHA-10 Certification

  • American Pyrotechnic Association Training Program

  • NFPA Wildland Fire training

  • Twelve best available comp tickets per company member

  • Housing can be arranged and rent, utilities and furnishings deducted.

  • Other creative opportunities available

  • Texas originals (cast produced variety show for scholarships)

  • Public outreach (Parades, Outdoor Stages)

  • Shakespeare & Opera (dark night productions)