Mark Hodges, Chair

Karen Corea, Vice Chair

Karen Harbaugh, Treasurer

Karen Corea, Secretary

Justin Adams

Greg Bynum

Berklee Clements

Marsha Clements

Karen Corea

Glenna Crooks

Shelley Cunningham

Karen Harbaugh

Kay Henard

Mark Hodges

Mary Milam

Cecil Miskin

Kashion Smith

Charles Starnes

Buddy Stephens

Jody Sullivan

Tyson Trice

Whitney Wells

Roger Remlinger

Dr. Walter Wendler



Amarillo Bone & Joint

   - Todd Bradshaw MD

Dj's and Karaoke

Edward Jones

FirstCapital Bank of Texas

Lovelady, Christy & Assoc.

Samuel Jackson, Inc

The Canyon News


Kevin & Gayle Creed

Mike & Linda Heard

Robert & Sue Stiles

Llano Estacado Land



Ron D & Jetta Burton

Karen Corea

Don Crooks

Glenna Crooks

Gil Flores

Jeannett Herring

Charles Starnes

Rick & Debbie Russwurm

David Yirak


Jim Beesley

Greg Bynum

Coney Burgess

Shelley Cunningham

Kevin Friemel

Karen Harbaugh

Mitchell Hernandez

Mark & Jennie Lynn Hodges

Ron Kershen

John David & Kaylee Ann Morrison

Scott Prior

Jerry & Doneice Ray

Donna and Randall Sims

William Sotomayer

John & Paula Sullivan

Burk Whittenburg

Buffalo Gold Premium Fibers

Tyson Trice Public Relations


Blaine Bertrand

Crystal Bertrand

Keith Brown

Kristina Burgin

June Bush

Jay and Cynthia Campbell

Karan Carlton

Jim & Marilyn Childers

Berklee Clements

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Marsha Clements

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Robbin & Alive Dawson

Joe & Brenda Foard

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Marissa Hernandez

Brian Kuhnert

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Tim Johnson

Matt McComas

Mary Milam

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Pat & Janet Scarth

Woolery Scott

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Tyson Trice

Don & Robbyn Treadway

Whitney Wells

Ida Wilson

Cynthia Womak

Pollard Resources

R-Tex Manufacturing Co.

The Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation is organized as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is governed by a completely volunteer Board of Directors who each gives of their time, energy, money and expertise for the benefit of this effort. Second and third generations of supporters are committed to the preservation of Panhandle history through theater. Families and individuals across the Panhandle and the nation give generously to help make this great educational and historical project a reality each season.

The TEXAS Outdoor Musical is a huge undertaking. The scope and size of this performance must match the state we represent and the awe inspiring Canyon in which we perform. The Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, founded in 1965, is a non-profit organization that relies on the financial support from donors, businesses and  grants to maintain the standard of excellence that has entertained over 4 1/2 Million audience members. The show and its visitors from all over the world have greatly impacted the economy of our region and provided jobs and opportunities for aspiring performers. Our need for community and individual support continues today. Please consider joining below.


2 Show Tickets

1 Souvenier Program




Prospector Benefits and  8 Show Tickets, 4 Souvenier Programs  + 8 BBQ Dinners

Private Backstage Tour

PreShow Recognition



Texas Legend Benefits and 40 Show Tickets, 20 Souvenier Programs  + 40 BBQ Dinners

with 2 Cast Members




6 Show Tickets

3 Souvenier Programs




Rancher Benefits and 12 Show Tickets, 6 Souvenier Programs  + 12 BBQ Dinners

with 2 Cast Members




8 Show Tickets

4 Souvenir Programs

VIP Parking



Trail Blazer Benefits and 20 Show Tickets, 10 Souvenier Programs  + 20 BBQ Dinners

with 2 Cast Members



Annual Memberships

Tickets may be given to family and friends throughout the summer season and they will receive the same benefits.

Memberships can be paid for in monthly increments.  To pay by monthly installments, click here.  To make a one time payment, fill in the form below.



If you have questions or would like us to set up your membership over the phone, please contact us by filling in the form below.  Thank you for your generosity!

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