Experience TEXAS! The TEXAS Outdoor Musical outreach program, in collaboration with Window on the Wider World and other arts organizations, gives K-12 students the unique opportunity to get behind the scenes tours of the Palo Duro Canyon Amphitheater as well as learn movement skills from current and former cast members. In order to maximize the educational value of the program, we have designed it with TEKS standards in mind. The students learn and apply:

  • Vision skills by tracking the movements of the instructors.

  • Critical thinking of cognitive processing of movement instruction.

  • Using their imagination of putting themselves in the "show"

  • Expressing themselves through dance movement

  • Using textile sensory skills during the costume portion of the backstage tour

Each class is one hour in length and is usually held at the Amphitheater or it can be moved to a school based on weather or accessibility. For more information on WOWW, visit the website.

TEXAS also conducts other outreach programs such as High Noon on The Square and Tunes at Noon. For more information on these programs, please contact the office using the form below.

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