Experience TEXAS! Camp Alphie Outreach

Camp Alphie's ongoing mission for over twenty-five years has been to provide a place for children suffering from cancer, as well as their families, to experience some new things, make new friends and connections, and relax - forget about their worries. Camp Alphie is a completely non-profit organization that relies on donations and wonderful volunteer camp directors and counselors to run smoothly year after year, for over 25 years. On-site oncology nurses and doctors help monitor the health of the children while they forget about their worries and romp with other kids their age, from ages 7-14.

On July 9th, the TEXAS cast and crew made a trip to the camp to teach the kids about theater and dance. They had the kids put on a "show" with a real script while acting out the parts with singing and dancing. They also got to interact with cast members and ask questions on how they prepare for a big production like TEXAS. It was a great learning experience for not only the kids but the cast and crew as well.

Thank you Camp Alphie for hosting us!

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