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Don’t miss our authentic Chuck Wagon Texas BBQ Dinner!

We cannot wait to welcome you to TEXAS!

You'll want to come early and enjoy a delicious Chuck Wagon BBQ dinner from Fat Boys.

Served anytime between 6:30 PM - 8 PM. Includes a Chopped Beef Sandwich with potato salad, coleslaw, beans, and a drink. We will also include a condiment bar with pickles, onion, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce. Enjoy eating surrounded by the beautiful, Palo Duro Canyon beneath the blue Texas sky.

BBQ Dinners and Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum tickets can be purchased after show tickets are picked in your transaction. If you decide to buy dinners after you have purchased tickets, please call 806-655-2181 to add those dinners to your order.

Dinner must be ordered by 4:00 PM the day BEFORE your show date.


What is included in the BBQ Dinner?
Chopped Beef Sandwich, Gluten Free BBQ Sauce, Potato Salad (mustard base, no onions), Coleslaw, Beans and Tea or Water. We will also include a condiment bar with pickles, onion, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce.

Is this brisket?
Yes, we only use brisket, some people generically call it “beef”, but it is brisket

Is your potato salad store bought?
No, we make our mustard-based potato salad in house.

Are there any onions in the potato salad?
No, we do not have any raw onion in our potato salad, however, we do use onion powder.

Is your BBQ sauce Gluten free?
Yes, our BBQ sauce is Gluten free

Is there any Dairy?
No, we do not use any Dairy in the preparation of our food. However, it could come in contact with our food because we offer dairy toppings such as cheese and sour cream.

What type of wood is used?
We use oak as our only smoking wood. This provides us with great flavor and eliminates the issues some people have with mesquite and other hard woods.

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